Account and lead lists, for sales reps.

We search the whole internet- podcasts, press releases, and socials. You get 25 leads/week with insights and account reports you can use while prospecting.
Integrated with 25+ data sources and signals to create the perfect list for you.
The perfect leads
and accounts,
delivered weekly.
Track social media activity, relevant posts,
Track high-intent buyers with a reason to reach out.
Summarized articles, socials, blogs, podcasts, and more.
Emails and phone numbers included in lead lists.
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We send you your accounts & leads weekly.
Reports & insights on 25 leads/week.
Signals like recent fundraises, new hires etc.

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25 Leads / Week

Perfect for personal use
Detailed weekly account reports
Rich insights on leads for personalization
25 leads/week delivered in web app
Unlimited export credits
Chrome extension with insights profile COMING SOON
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Why Feedz?

Features included :
25 quality leads a week
Verified by a team
Advanced signals for outreach
Summarized account reports
Deep insights on leads
Other Sales Platforms
Features not included :
Thousands of average leads
Requires set up of new system
Generic signals for outreach
No account reports
Requires extra research to find insights

We're Erica & Priyanka

We started Feedz to solve a problem we had-- feeling aimless with our outreach and lacking the signals necessary to source & reach out to high-intent buyers. We found ourselves wasting hours researching to build lists and send personalized messages. Your prospects deserve the best, and we're here to help you ensure each message and call is thoughtful, personalized and relevant. Today, each list is reviewed by us and sent to you with care 💙.

Reach the right prospects
at the right time.